Great Block Edit Plugin functions that hopefully will become native

Just want to shed some light on this amazing plugin that has some much needed feature currently missing in the main Blockedit command:

  1. Make Unique (currently we have to explode and re-define which is silly)
  2. Double click to go up and down the nested block tree (similar to SketchUp)
  3. Support editing non-uniformly scaled Block (very important feature)
  4. Toggle lock/hide rest, which is also super important combined with (2), when dealing with large complex model with many layers of hierarchy like in any architectural project
  5. Add/Remove objects to/from a given block

Here is another great plugin that provide another two important missing feature for blockedit:

  1. create block based on an arbitrary CPlane, currently block is defined using WorldXY in default and there is no option to change it even if we change the current CPlane
  2. Show block CPlane, which works great together with (1), currently this kind of feature requires grasshopper with block related plugin without doing some coding. Without them working on large complex geometries with block is very challenging.

Please consider adding things like this into Rhino in any future release!

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Thanks, @Jun_Wang - I’m bumping this thread because Block Edit New deserves to be shouted from the rooftops for people who haven’t heard of it (I just tried it now for the first time, and it seems fantastic)

Giving a shout-out in case @pascal and @bobmcneel haven’t seen this, and it’s helpful with everything the team has already successfully, integrated into WIP 8, and whatever magic they’re whipping up…


thank you Alan!
I just think the plugin really captured in spirit what we are really looking for in the field when working with blocks and would love Rhino to natively support something like this in the future.

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