Blocks Edit Tool Upgrade Request

Hey, so I came across this Rhino 7 plugin on Food4rhino:

Unfortunately, the plugin developers are reluctant to update the plugin to R8 as it may interfere with some functionality. I simply wish McNeel would make this native inside rhino 8 and beyond. I encourage McNeel developers to install it and study it. But let me tell you how is it revolutionary:

  1. It allows for double click to enter/exit block edit. Just like sketchup.
  2. Treats groups the same way as blocks. Double click to enter with Isolate lock and double click to exit.
  3. Make unique blocks (Rhino 8 incorporated that natively)
  4. Change block definition layer
  5. Total control of block insertion point.
  6. Support Nested Blocks
  7. Edit Blocks are non-uniformly scaled

I appreciate the new features in Rhino 8 in regards to Blockmanagement and others. But incorporating this plugin features would simply eliminate all block related issues many rhino users are facing. Infact, the developers of this plugin said they created this plugin to fill the gaps missing in Rhino in regards to blocks. I found it extremely powerful and wish it was native to Rhino.

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Hey @Monomango, this Rhino 7 plugin pretty much does what you wished for in your previous post. Check it out!

@Gijs @BrianJ Tagging you guys for visibility. Thank you for your great work

@brian Please add this to Rhino 9, would be fantastic

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