Grasshopper zoom is slow because of nummeric % field update

The UI redraw of the zoom factor triggered by a trackpad (or mouse) is slowing down the framerate.
The update frequency of the % field is linked to the trackpad events - which is bad.
Please fix it, thanks!

edit: catalina 10.15.6, latest build 11. August

edit2: and you should really remove the acceleration from the wheel input - mouse scroll is hardly useable even with the canvas toolbar off

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can somebody please acknowledge this? and maybe create a task for it?

Its small things like this that make the mac version unusable for serious work…

Not to mention that the decision to have mac version fundamentally different in UI/UX design makes it impossible to include or encourage it in any kind of teaching environment… but that is another story

This is interesting! Thanks for sharing this “trick”/bug - I guess this is sth for @curtisw !

Btw it should also be mentioned, that hiding component tabs and the canvas toolbar results in empty space, it is also not possible to resize the toolbar at all:

So true! I wrote about this as well and there’s a YouTrack task for that one:


In the mean time you can use Smooze to fix this.

@dan, I don’t think anyone - except maybe someone who is using the MagicMouse - would want scroll acceleration to be activated in GH. To me it make barely any sense.

btw this thread should be moved to GH Mac category…

@dan @curtisw

any news regarding the above mentioned issues? I have my CanvasToolbar disabled now, unless I need it as it is so much smoother… not the best solution obviously.

All the best,

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel,

I was doing some more performance reviews and noticed the Toolbar in general was one of the culprits causing resizing the GH window to go slow that I believe caused this slowdown.

I fixed it as part of RH-60850 which is landing in 7.1. It also fixes the tabs/toolbar hiding issue.

Hope this helps!

Soooo nice!
What an interesting bug! Cant wait to get my hand on this 7.1 goodness.

Any news on RH-58284 (scrolling behavior) as well?


I haven’t had a chance to look into this one yet, sorry. I’ll bump it higher in my priority list though!

Alright, I can understand :pray:t3: Thanks a lot!

just download the newest 7.1 RC… here is my minimalistic take for the canvas :heart:

Just a small update:
Component tabs seems to be the major bottleneck now - removing them makes the gh-canvas responsive af.

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This minimalism of the UI is just beautiful…

@rudolf.neumerkel I cannot find the 7.1 RC - could you help me here?:slight_smile:

go to Settings then General, there you’ll find it:

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