Slow canvas UI (with multiple elements)



When I have a GH file with many elements (see example screenshot), the UI slows down a lot. Panning, moving elements or creating connections. This does not happen with a small number of elements, or in the Windows counterpart.
Any thing I can do about it, or should we just wait for a more optimized version?


Have you tried using Clusters?

// Rolf

(Steve Baer) #3

Does the UI slow down with respect to things like panning and zooming on the canvas or does it slow down when you do something like change a slider value?


Panning and Zooming on the canvas. I am only talking about GH canvas draw performance. I could even be making only math with panels and expression editors. It has nothing to do with Rhino 3D viewport rendering.
Regarding clusters: It is “effective”, in the way that it potentially reduces the number of components visible at a time. Which is the main culprit, from what I’ve found: it is directly related to the number of elements visible on screen.
(I love clusters and advocate them, but sometimes it is useful to have everything on screen)

(Steve Baer) #5

Ok; I just wanted to make sure. It sounds like you are already very aware of the difference in panning performance and solution performance.

Speed enhancement when using Preferences panel?
(Dan Belcher) #6

Thanks! Logged as MR-2953…so we don’t forget to address this. We’re still not at the point where we can focus on optimizing this. Nothing worse that premature optimization. Thanks for reporting it. If you can provide good demonstration definitions, that would also be helpful…otherwise, we’ll gin them up ourselves.


I opened the file with the intention of uploading it here, and I discovered that it was quite snappy. There was no software update in the meantime, as far as I know, so it might has something to do with “wear over time”? Maybe the computer was low on resources (I don’t think so). Anyway, here is the file: (121.9 KB)

(Dan Belcher) #8

Odd. Well, good, I guess. I suspect we still have some optimizing to do. So it’s great to have definitions that have exhibited problems, just for comparison purposes. Thanks for attaching it!



Hello. Just wanted to bump. Using 5E92w now, and canvas interaction speed issues still around. Number of elements is surely a factor, as a new gh file is very snappy. I’ve noticed that in the file with many elements, it seems a bit quicker if I work in an empty canvas area.
Mac GH looks quite stable now, although there are still many polishings to do. I believe speed optimization is something that cannot be ignored at this stage.


I agree.