Grasshopper will not load

I tried to to activate Tools/ Grasshopper and I get a “potential Plugin Crash Protection” dialog box. It reveals the file location. If I chose to load it now I get “A file is blocked: C:\Users\B-main\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries\CurlicuFractal_)c8b3d3522c24a00b82174c219cb895b.ghpy” and asks me if I want to unblock it now. I tried that and it asks me it again indefinitely.

Is this a corrupted or out of date file or do I have a virus?

I am using Version 7 SR34 (7.34.23267.11001, 2023-09-24)
Commercial by the way

Hi Bill -

It sounds like there is an issue with that plug-in. Have you tried deleting it?

Yes I did. Now I understand. Solved!