Grasshopper Tower

Hello. I hope whoever is reading this is well! I’m new at Grasshopper and I’m creating a tower. I can’t figure how to bring back the opposite ends of the tower together at the top, creating a separation/void in the middle. The two taller towers should come closer together at the top to create a void and then the two comparatively smaller towers should come together bulging out in the middle. I hope that makes sense. (1.2 MB)

If not a duplicate thread(?), this is a continuation:

And as before, your model is obscured by too many components that should have their preview disabled.

You have no curves for the “star” sections to follow so they join together at the top.

P.S. Oops, I added replies to the other thread instead of this one…

The facade script that I have created and attached to the tower isn’t properly working at the top. The taller pair leaves out the facade pattern on the very top floor and the comparatively shorter pair merges, creating a weird pattern. I’m not sure how to resolve the issue, thus I would really appreciate the help. Thank you! (298.6 KB)