Tower Tilt (925.7 KB)

Hello, I hope whoever reading this is well. I’m very new at Grasshopper and we were asked to make a tower. I’m trying to have a single base except by the mid-point I want the two stars to somewhat go apart. Perhaps one the longer one to stay at the position, but the shorter one to tilt more than it’s doing right now. Would some please be able to help me out as soon as possible? Thank you so much!

I don’t entirely understand what you want here… There are many ways to build towers.

I added the white group to move the top “star” curve on the short tower prior to Loft. That caused the rectangular sections to fail intersecting the loft so instead of an ArrLinear of surfaces, I used points and used them as input to PxS (Plane Through Shape) in the yellow group. (932.8 KB)

P.S. Why is that file so big!? Aha! I see you internalized many surfaces, which I now deleted. (23.4 KB)

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Thank you so much, really appreciate it!!

I can’t figure how to bring back the opposite ends of the tower together at the top, creating a separation/void in the middle. The two taller towers should come closer together at the top to create a void and then the two comparatively smaller towers should come together bulging out in the middle. I hope that makes (1.2 MB)

It makes sense, I’m just not going to do it for you. I suggest you create four curves for the star sections to follow and position more star sections along them to loft instead of using only one at the bottom and another at the top.

P.S. Please don’t internalize the results of your model, as you did in a disconnected Merge component. The file size is only 28K without it, yet 1.2 Mb with it!!!

Yet another tower… :man_facepalming:

I can see from your recent code in the duplicate thread that you missed some important points so I created one of the tall towers, then used ArrPolar (Polar Array, white group) to get four copies. (18.3 KB)

This is by no means the only way to do this.
Again, please do not internalize the geometry created by this model. The GH file size is quite small.

P.S. Here is a very simple variation where the angle and scale of the middle section can be controlled independently instead of being half of the top section values, as in version ‘a’ above. (18.3 KB)


Details, details… I don’t remember why I used PxS (Plane Through Shape) a week ago when Brep | Plane intersection does the job just fine. I am bothered by the extruded floors extending outside the lofted skins so worked on a different approach, lofting a pair of intersection curves instead that are just 0.3 units apart, Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite fix the problem either. I suspect there is some warping of the lofted skins using only three sections over such a long distance, especially when twisted as these towers are…?

Out of desperation, I created a new loft (yellow group) from one branch of the floor sections, which looks great except it’s one floor short so the tops of the four towers don’t meet precisely as expected.

Not that this is “real world”, of course, but details like this can be tough to get right. A different approach using spiral curves to position the 120 floor sections, which are then lofted, might work? But I’m not going to go there! Pau (done). (23.1 KB)

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Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it. (37.4 KB)

I’m having an issue with connecting a facade pattern to my tower. I need it on all 4 parts. Can some please help me out, I’m not sure what the issue is? I’ve attached the complete definition to the tower. Thank you!

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