Grasshopper to Revit


(Kraklite) #1

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good grasshopper plugin for exporting geometry to Revit? I just learnt that which was a pretty good option is shutting down, and from what I’ve seen all the other plugins haven’t been updated in a few years. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good alternatives or has any insights regarding this issue. I really don’t want to start using Dynamo but it looks like the grasshopper-to-revit well is drying up…

(Michael Pryor) #2

We use stuff from The Proving Ground


I’ve been working with Dimitrie at speckle works on enabling grasshopper to revit using speckle. I tweeted a preview of this working here.

Should be available very soon. If you want to post requests I can prioritise them if they aren’t already enabled.