Grasshopper <> Fusion360 link?

Has anyone tried to connect via scripts/pluginsGrasshopper with Fusion 360?

I’m using more and more Fusion 360 for mechanical/product design stuff, in areas where Rhino just doesn’t seem to evolve anymore and I’ll like to bring Grasshopper data to it quickly.



There is Dynamo for Fusion360, and Flux for Dynamo and GH. Maybe that’s a path to interoperability?

Hi Luis, thanks for the info. I’ll give it a go and report back if/how it works.


Guessing this never worked out? The second link is no longer valid…

Flux is now defunct.

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well that explains it!

The more we tried Fusion 360 the more we realized that’s pretty much useless for complex geometry. I guess we are spoiled by Rhino’s ability to let us model. hack, fix, retrofit, trace, negotiate, wing, pull off pretty much about anything.

When Fusion tells us “Sorry I can’t do that” or I failed’ and that’s the end of the conversation then it’s clear that is not a tool designed for complexity. At all.

So we don;t have much interest in connecting our Grasshopper work to Fusion 360 anymore. It can’t even handle our bare geometry!


Yea, it is not a surface modeler I’ve particularly taken to as well. Not a fan of the sketching either - Rhino way better. Got to believe they could work aspects of Alias in there if they choose to make it so. Guessing such might be a long term plan.

Still, with the present incarnation, they’d like to convince us…(starting at the 45 min mark)