Grasshopper Sweep Problem

There seems to be some discrepancies between Sweep1 output when using it from Grasshopper, from grasshopper using RhinoCommon in a C# component and from Rhino directly.

Attached is an example. (tolerance in the Rhino file I am trying this in is the same as what is set in the c# component) (11.3 KB)

Just to document what is happening on my side:

  • Input rail and profile
  • Sweep1 from grasshopper gives an error
  • Sweep1 using rhinocommon from a c# component

    After aligning the seam of the rail to the position of the profile,
  • Sweep1 from grasshopper outputs untrimmed surfaces
  • while Sweep1 using rhinocommon from a c# component, gives the desired output which is similar to running sweep1 in rhino on the same rail and profile.
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