Grasshopper surface trim_ Tween curves

Hello all!

i try to trim surface but not working and i cannot under stand why!!

before i use surface it work well but i think because i use brep.

Help me surface trim.3dm|attachment (519.6 KB) Surface (10.4 KB)

surface trim.3dm (564.1 KB)

omg the problem is tween cure. why not working well tween cure!

Use the tweens from Pufferfish.

Tried to open your files, crashed my Rhino twice. One would have to disable gh-solver and components and enable one by one… But I have a suspicion

Don’t do that, set units to meters and use a smaller grid. :slight_smile:
Maybe this solves your problem or at least make things easier.


So using BoundarySrf instead of Split shows, that not all of the circles are inside the surfaces.

Surface (26.8 KB)


100 True.

Both the issue solved.
Here is my attempt. HTH.

Surface Trim BVR (29.0 KB)


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