Pufferfish -- Tween Surfaces issue

Hi guys.
I have two untrimmed surfaces and try to find tween surfaces in between. I get some crazy results!! even after I try to kinda match those surfaces in terms of alignment and seams on the boundary!
I want something like Pic # 1 (Just as an example) but I get Pic # 3 (the real surfaces that I’m working with) and after trying to align surfaces, I get pic # 2
Any idea what is the problem?

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Tween Surfaces.gh (44.7 KB)

The problem with untrimmed surfaces, try this and you need the latest Pufferfish version

Tween Surfaces sol.gh (47.0 KB)


You can use this without Pufferfish

Tween Surfaces sol2.gh (65.3 KB)


Although the control points wont be accurate in that non Pufferfish version.
(especially with surfaces that have different control points or extreme undulations), works for this simple surface.

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As @seghierkhaled showed you, your surfaces are actually trimmed surfaces, and they have different facing UV’s.


Dope! Thanks for your time :pray: