Tween between pipe surfaces

Hi, I am trying to use tween surfaces in Grasshopper but it won’t accept closed pipe surfaces as input even though I can use the same surfaces to tween in rhino.I get the error “data conversion failed from brep to surface”. Is there a way around this please.
the only solution I have found is to extract the surfaces from the pipe polysurface but this is not a fluid` step that can allow me to alter the tween dynamically.tween (17.0 KB)
tween pipes.3dm (4.4 MB)



You can first tween two open pipes and then cap the result. (22.3 KB)

silly me…of course…thank you…odd that I don’t need to do that in Rhino…I guess that it is not so fussy about polysurfaces

Is this?

thanks Dowazura and Mahdiyar …I see now that the problem is the capping…by the way …what is the box with “e” linking the ends prior to piping ?

“odd that I don’t need to do that in Rhino”

You know tween surface is not part of regular gh right? It is part of my plugin Pufferfish. Why it is different is because tween surface doesn’t exist in Rhinocommon, I wrote those fully. In general many grasshopper components (even native ones) don’t follow rhino commands exactly.

Yes Michael
I really like the smooth way your tools work….now that I have stopped capping the ends I am getting some lovely transitions which will work well with forged metal….even a simple straight line tween


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using graphs to power all the variables seems to add to the smoothness

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