Generate a rhino surface from the grasshopper surface preview

Hello, is it possible to generate a rhino surface from the grasshopper preview of a surface.

For background, I am trying to create a therm model of a section of curtain wall using Rhino and Ladybug/Honeybee (Grasshopper). I have the model of the curtain wall itself within Rhino and transferred all the wall’s components according into Grasshopper until I came to the glass panel itself.

I had to build the glass panel itself in the WINDOW software and upload the txt file to Grasshopper. The WINDOW software did not have components that yielded the exact dimensions of the original drawing’s glass panel. So grasshopper’s version is now slightly bigger than the original. For therm to work, I need to draw the outline of the inside and outdoor and the most exact way of doing that is to have the exact dimensions and now the orignal drawing does not have the proper dimensions.

Attached is the image of this preview and what I want to do is essentially redraw it from Grasshopper into Rhino Surfaces and from there I can get a new outline for the boundaries.

its hard to tell what’s going on by your preview, but you should be able to right click whatever is previewed and Bake into Rhino, if its a surface it will come in as such.