Is Grasshopper the only way to rescale a closed surface object keeping the smallest dimension same?

Imagine a football sliced in half, lets say wall thickness 5mm and a need to scale it larger, is there no command that can be applied , keeping the wall thickness same ?
Likewise a non compound curved object ?
Likewise a box shape, alter size keeping wall thickness same ?

Is grasshopper the only way for what appears a simple command ?

One day I might get time to learn grasshopper but I have a backlog of tasks and need to rescale such objects.


I don’t think Grasshopper can do it either…

@Steve1 If you scale the outer surface then the new inner surface with the same wall thickness will not be a simple scaling of the old inner surface. (Exceptions are a very few shapes such as spheres and cubes).

Scale the outer surface, then use OffsetSrf to obtain the new surface with the desired offset.

I was thinking of those shapes such as spheres and boxes that would suit.
however box, are we saying a rectangular box will not but a cube would ?

I am forever trying to figure out the easiest way of scaling a packaging box with its flaps etc to suit different objects keeping walls and flaps 0.3cm thick. without a lot of exploding, carefull selection and retention of single surfaces, offsetting then reassembly etc.


In that case you can safely use pretty much all the solid editing tools:
_ExtrudeSrf (solid=yes, delete input=yes)

To name a few

Or work with surfaces only with thickness modifier (mesh effect) and the convert later to solids if needed


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