Grasshopper Stainless Steel Lightshade

Thanks to the people who helped me complete my first ever grasshopper project. Took me 9 months to learn the program and get this done in my free time but today it feels worth it! Thanks. Hope you share my opinion that it looks great :slight_smile:


Work in progress shots:


I like the interplay between the organic and brutalist aspects of the design.


I like it very much.
Did you make some engraving ?
Did you make some deburring on the inox ?
Is it just painted ?

Thanks for showing the process.

Thanks David,


I’m not sure what you mean by some engraving. If you mean to help with folding them, no. In the end I didn’t. The metal was soft enough with the cuts to just fold. Also not sure what inox is. I didn’t have to deburr anything really. It’s a 0.55mm gauge #4 stainless steel. And yes, I just primed and epoxy painted the back side of it which doesn’t have the nice #4 stainless pattern on it. This allowed for the contrasting of the white outside and metal inside and helped it fit better with the white out of the box light fitting I bought from the local hardware shop.

This shows how I attached them:



As far as I remember inox was the word French use for stainless steel or just for steel

Nice piece. Please take a photo with the luminaire working :wink:

“Inox” is used in many latin/romance languages as short for unoxidizable steel, tipically the austenitic AISI/SAE300 series or EN1.43xx/EN1.44xx series.

Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t take a photo of it with the luminaire on as it will require an electrician to install and also as I intend to send it away as a gift.