Laser-cut stainless steel Grid

I designed this heating grid cover into my floor after the wooden floor was fitted. Skillfully laser cut and finished by InStaal in 8mm thick stainless steel.
The design was made using grasshopper to evaluate the right proportions interactively.


It is a thoughtfully work with grasshopper and neat engraving with laser :slight_smile:

Is that laser cutter yours?
How much is the power of that laser?

You said you finished the work with InStaal . I referred to the website, but the content was not in English, and I couldn’t understand what InStaal was. Is it a type of polishing device, or is it a type of metal coating?

@sciensman the lasercutter is not mine, the company that made this is InStaal. They manufacture mainly art pieces in steel. IIRC the lasercutter consumes 4kW/h.

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Very nice! It must have been tough to decide which design to go with, looks like you could do a lot of variations with that GH file.

thanks, I played around mainly with the amount of spokes and gap size for strength and appearance. In the end I did a rough strength analysis in SW which pretty much matches the real world behavior.

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