Grasshopper performance with Intralattice/Dendro issue

Wondering if there is a way to aid recalculation when changing parameters. It seems when I open the file initially it might take 30 seconds or so to show result in Rhino, but if I change a parameter it may run for multiple minutes, occasionally crashing the system… This is on Windows 10, CPU: I5, 16GB with a GEForce GTX 660, so system is dated, but wonder if that is the main issue?

Usually I lock the solver, change my params to be what they need to be, unlock. This way you can change many things and re-solve once rather than resolving for each change. Using things like the data dam can also speed things up if u don’t want things upstream to update until you are ready. Of course a better processor like i7 will greatly speed things up.

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That helps immensely, (newbie issue :frowning: ). I also foundthis link on hardware for Grasshopper which makes me think I will stick with my current system.

Sure, but keep in mind that link is 6 years old and gh is moving in the direction of multi-threaded components.