Grasshopper/Rhino 6: Plane Display Performance

Hello All,

When using KUKA|prc I’m always somehow manipulating frames. I was hoping for a performance increase with Rhino 6, however there seems to be something rather broken, at least on my PC.

Here’s an internalized list of 5000 planes, no plugins involved. It opens in both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6, though Rhino 5 will complain about IO issues: (360.9 KB)

With Rhino 5 using the testmaxspeed command it takes 2.4secs for 100 frames, so approximately 50fps. With Rhino 6 it honestly takes 162secs (no comma missing, nearly 80 times slower).
Otherwise performance seems fine, a mesh sphere with 1000 faces in each direction in wireframe takes 1.74sec in Rhino 5 and 0.59 sec in Rhino 6. I was hoping for a similar improvement with the Grasshopper planes.
When I extract all the edges of the sphere in Grasshopper (nearly 2mio lines), I got 17.66sec on Rhino 5 and 15.81sec in Rhino 6. A Grasshopper plane seems to consist of around 20 lines, making it just 100.000 lines (for 5000 planes) total.

I guess that there’s a bug somewhere. I tested it on two machines, a 4790K/GeForce 970 PC and a 7700HQ/GeForce 1050 Dell laptop using Rhino 6.1.18037.13441 and Rhino 5.14.522.8390. Drivers are the current version provided by NVidia.

Maybe someone can test the Grasshopper file on their Rhino 5/6 to see if it is particular to my PC/NVidia graphic cards or not.


Same issue here. Overall display performance is better but somehow GH1.0 in Rhino6 previews planes much slower than GH0.9 in Rhino5

I’ve logged this for future research under RH-44499

I’m fairly busy at the moment with an upcoming event and moving office to a different building, but hopefully we can look into this before too long.

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Thanks, David! All the best with the move!