Plane Preview causing large processing times

Hi there,

Couldn’t find anything specific on this issue. Since changing to rhino 7 I’ve been having issues when previewing planes and vectors in grasshopper. Any amount of planes above 2000 and the display starts to really struggle, it takes about 5 minutes to process and display. Any navigation in the viewport it takes another five minutes to process. If we have say 10,000 planes it just straight up doesn’t ever load, we have to close and turn the preview off next start up. This is a bit of an issue since at our work we usually run upwards of 100,000 planes.

I don’t remember having this issue with earlier versions of rhino so I’m curious if anyone else has noticed this problem.

Our system build is alienware
graphics card is GeForce gtx 1080
CPU is intel i7-8700
32gb ram