Grasshopper Render Mesh

I’m having some real issues generating a rendered view of this model. Image below shows the shaded viewport, the one below that the rendered viewport:

It sometimes does this and displays all black, other times it does render the model but does so with a flat colour, not the texture that the material has assigned.

What I’m trying to achieve is a textured render of GH geometry using a wood (Douglas Fir to be precise) texture.

Any hints?

Render (92.0 KB)

Hi @Matt_Harwood,

A black rendering can be a sign of an poor or out-of-date video driver. You might run the SystemInfo command and see what is reported. Feel free to post it here if needed.

Also, make sure the normals of the mesh are pointed outward (if these are closed meshes).

– Dale

Rendering fine here on my little old laptop. Check the date and version of your system’s video drivers.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I had a go at updating drivers but this didn’t seem to offer any improvement. What should i be looking for in System Info? The rendered display does show sometimes, although the paneling of the texture isn’t great:

Syustem info display tab below:

Note that the render appears as it should when baked into Rhino: