Display Performance / AA in Rendered View very poor

Hi GH team,

I noticed recently that when working with lots of edges or corners in my Grasshopper Definition, the rendered view seems to have really low quality along those edges. For comparison I made close up screenshots of both Shaded View and Renderd View.

The geometry is all coming from GH, the Rendered View is using textures, but nothing that I changed seemed to have an effect:

  • none of the Shadow Settings seem to have an effect (none of them except video memory usage seem to have any effect, ever, btw)
  • Preview Mesh Quality doesn’t have any effect
  • Open GL and AA settings have no effect
  • It doesn’t matter if I use the Rhino Renderer or VRay


Capture1 Capture2

Are you far away from the origin?

No, the geometry is around the origin, a few hundred units away max.