Grasshopper polyline doesn't work

Hi everyone I am having an issue , I am watching this tutorial 2020-19 LTH Tutorials: Simple Swarm with Field ( Grasshopper ) - YouTube and at 27:49 he adds the polyline command which for me doesnt work. I am pretty sure the following nodes are connected correctly so I cant find what is the issue. Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong? (53.0 KB)

Your file does not contain the input geometry. Please right click the Brep input and click Internalise Data.

PS: Does flattening the V input of the Polyline component result in what you are looking for?

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I think the problem is in the output type of the loop, right click on the Loop End and set it to Output after the Last and Record Data


Ooh yes ,thank you so much , makes sense.