Don't know what the problem is

Hi i was working on grasshopper and can’t find out what the problem is can you guys help me out?
It should look something like this but not working (21.7 KB)
rh12.3dm (63.9 KB)

First problem: The polylines need to be closed in order to calculate the area


How can I close them?? I am new to this software and not aware of quite simple things

By right clicking the C input and selecting True instead of False. Or you plug in a Boolean Toggle which is set to True. Or a Text Panel with a 1 in it.

Check the file, I changed a few small things. The input curves are internalized in the file below which means they are saved in the GH file and you do not need to upload two separate files.

Instead of selecting three items I culled one per surface. More efficient… (20.8 KB)

Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate it!

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