Grasshopper player problem

hi I want to use the grashopper player but I get this messaqge No output contextual components in definition
how can fix this problem ?

Hello there!

I don’t have elefront plugin… but…
You only have a single “Context Bake” in your file, which is linked to your cluster “KAYITLAR” output, and in that output i can only see 4 empty group objects.
Probably it is because i don’t have elefront, but you should check it is giving something to you.
That might be the cause the message.

That said, your definition have complex nested clusters, many with password protection and it is also pretty bad… entangled.

Because of the passwords, noone can “follow” that KAYITLAR data stream to check what is going on.

Is that KAYITLAR output working, if you use the definition from grasshopper? (not the player)
Are you sure you are inserting correctly all the contextual inputs during the player?

Id suggest you to try and explode every cluster and see if it behave differently…

oh, that actually is the problem.

Ungroup your “KAYITLAR” output before contextual bake.
2021-01-14 16_09_35-Grasshopper - Mimari2_

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thank you so much. its work. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

hi @wim
How can i make Dimension and Texts and Tag3d with GrasshopperPlayer BAKE?[Context Bake]