Grasshopper Plane size / GH2 document templates?

I think that Preview Plane Size should be moved to the GH document options so every document can have its own.

This opens the more general question if there will be something like document templates in GH2?

I often switch between working in centimeters and millimeters. When I play with Rhino.Inside Revit then I work on a completely different scale where units are often in millimeters and also I am zoomed out much more far away so I need bigger Plane Preview.

Maybe the Plane component should have an option to set its size just like Text or have an option to be dynamically scaled such as Vector arrows?

Also, I want to ask @kike about Plane and Vector display inside Revit window, currently they are not showing. It’s not big of a deal but one can find it helpful.


I haven’t really thought that far yet, except that a lot of display properties will probably be overridable via meta data. By assigning the right kind of meta values, you could control the display properties of individual planes (and points, and curves, etc.)