Preview Point Flavour and Plane Size Reset on Close/Open Rhino (Bug?)

Hi @DavidRutten,

Not sure if it’s just me (I’ve tinkered with the Grasshopper XML files), but since moving to Rhino 6 I’ve noticed that the Preview Point Flavour and Plane Size values will reset when I close and open Rhino (also the Grasshopper window position/size appears to change, can’t quite remember if that’s “normal”):

Also, the Dot point size seems a lot larger on my system than it was in Rhino 5. Perhaps there is a size setting somewhere, similar to how we can set the size of the planes?

Edit: I’m experiencing the same behaviour with Draw Icons and Draw Fancy Wires.



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Sorry for the bump, but could someone confirm/disaffirm this behaviour?

I just went through a pretty intense design competition sprint, where especially Draw Fancy Wires resetting to off every time I opened a new Rhino/GH instance led to some mistakes into the wee hours :coffee:

I’m not seeing this on Rhino 6. Whatever I set seems to stay.

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Ah fudge, then it probably is related to my customisations. Think I just copied/pasted the relevant Grasshopper .xml files when I updating from Rhino 5 to 6. Will try to delete those and make the .xml edits from scratch again.

Those point dots are still pretty damn yuuuuge though :astonished:

Yea dots are dramatically bigger in display in R6 than R5.