Grasshopper Offset Surface Edge Loop Start End Points

Hi, i just run into a problem with offset surface - I cant loft them properly. The initial surface was created from a manual imput curve via planarsrf command. The offset surface’s edge loop has different starting point than the initial. Cant figure out how to sort this out. Thanks Simon, coll coll

please attach the GH file with internalized geometries :+1:

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If you have Pufferfish installed use AlignCurveSeams.

This forum software should:

  1. Remind (warn) people starting a thread to post a GH/geometry file.

  2. Count the number of times each person starts a thread without posting GH/geometry.

  3. Impose a time out or other form of penalty when a threshold is reached.

It’s ridiculous that this happens every day, over and over, without any consequence except for slapping the wrist of anyone whose response isn’t friendly enough. :man_facepalming:

good point!

Yes it is. Where’s your file?

This is probably as simple as Loft options ‘Align sections’ checkbox, but that’s just a guess.


this helped, thank you!