Loft makes trouble

Hi… my first add in the community… :slight_smile:

i project a curve on 2 surfaces with a camber. then i want loft… but its shity on someone…
with a more simple surface only with a bow it works…?
what is the different, why its not working…?
in the rhino file the red surface is what i need… the green which works…
in th GH file the green boxes for the surface…

thx for help… i need it for my exam work… i hope someone can help that the loft work with my red surface…


2020-03-17 gh (29.3 KB) 2020-03-17 petrus.3dm (494.1 KB)

when I offset curves I always try to have the cleanest possible result, without allowing the Offset component to fillet/close them for me:

then, if I still want to fillet/close the results, I’ll fillet/close the surfaces resulting from the loft itself

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hello inno,

yes, the loft looks good. thx for the advice to make the loft surface cleaner.
but now its complete open. cap doesnt work because its not planar.
i tried before, change the brep loft to mesh and close the mesh. but that not working now. :frowning: i need closed bodies because i want merge them with other surfaces in dendro…

a tool like blend surface is missing in gh…?

i have now surface problem at the first geometry… :frowning: i don’t know… ?? !

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-18 um 16.46.52|690x493 !

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-18 um 16.47.05|690x495

this problem happens because when the offset is performed the pair of curves did not have the same direction (one was flipped if compared to the other)

so for one curve the offset outputs what we interpret as: inward offset, outward offset
for the other one, instead, the output is what we interpret as: outward offset, inward offset
-of course the offset component does its job perfectly but the inward offset of a give curve is equal to the outward offset of that very same flipped curve- and then the Loft has that intersection :slight_smile:

one solution is flipping one of the two set of curves, using the other set of curves as guide:

2020-03-17 gh (37.6 KB)