Geometric patterns in grasshopper

Hello everyone ! I wanted to know if it is possible to do this in Grasshopper or if I need some kind of plugin to create these patterns and densify them where I need.
thank you so much !! I hope you can help me!

yes, its possible.

incredible! I’m trying to do it! I don’t need any kind of plug in right?

You don’t need any plugins for this, the main tools are Square to build the grid, Orient to move the base geometry and Remap Numbers to create the variable scale factor. This is called an “attractor point” effect, here the point is {0,0,0} but it could be something else. (22.0 KB)

perfect! The only thing that I had not been able to do was put the base geometry and rescale it according to the point of attraction.
And if I want this to be densified in a circle towards the center, what tool could I use?
Thank you !!

It’s already attracted around the point, so you just need to play with the coordinates. Here with the center point :

thank you so much ! I’ll keep exploring with this!