Special network surface

Greetings to all,

Brain dead - I need your advice on how to effectively sort some ‘trios’ of curves to then generate a Network or Edge surface between them. I am certain there’s enough I am not seeing.

So I have something silly like this:

I want to sort the fragments into some order like this:

I need/want to make surfaces like this:

but obviously a bit more elegant than the silly thing marked in blue:

maybe using triangles?

Sorry to bug with such basic question but it’s one of those times you’ve stared at it too long then hit a wall and need to move on to a bunch of other silly parts of the script…

Here’s a sample:
gh_forum_sillyproblem.gh (10.7 KB)

Thanks for your advice

p.s.: no patch advice please, I know it works, but I don’t want to use patch:

…I guess I can split the patch with the curves and use the 3 edges of the patch fragments to get the neighboring fragments again :clown_face:

This is how I would do it, and no this is not a beginner or silly question at all. There is quite a bit of lit manipulation involved. I hope this is what you are looking for.
Note that I changed the order of input curves so that it is easier to sort.
gh_forum_sillyproblem_RI.gh (22.7 KB)