Grasshopper Mouse Button Settings

Where can I find the mouse settings/configuration for Grasshopper? I would like to disable the pop-up menu that appears when I hold down the mouse wheel. Instead, I would like to be able to pan view when I hold down the mouse wheel, similar to how it is already used in Rhino.

That is non-standard behaviour though, but unfortunately Grasshopper doesn’t have ways to change the mouse button behaviour.

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Is this still the case? it is 2 years later now…

I am able to customize Rhino wheel button use (to match Autodesk standards) but what about Grasshopper UI? Still nothing?

thank you



Still nothing. I doubt it’s going to happen for grasshopper 1.

Ah shame, was also hoping to pan the view by holding down the mousewheel. It’s more and more a standard across CAD software now I feel, and something I instantly remap in fresh Rhino installs.

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