Grasshopper model line type node missing Boolean

Hello. I think the grasshopper component for model line type is missing a Boolean toggle for taper.

Thank you

I would think that disconnecting the ‘Tw’ (Taper Widths) and/or ‘Tp’ (Taper Positions) inputs would have the same effect?

from my testing that is not the case. This is pretty much a mirror of the options in rhino.
The Taper checkmark is missing. If I am wrong please let me know. Thanks Joseph.

I’m not a R8 guinea pig so was only guessing.

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There is no boolean toggle input for taper. If you want a non-tapered single width line then you can just input a numeric value into the Width input. If you want a tapered line, then you would connect a numeric value in the Taper Widths input (note this will override any value that’s currently in the Width input). If no value is connected to the Taper Positions input, then the taper will assume a taper position of 0.5. However, you can connect your own numeric values between [0-1] to control where the tapers occur along your curve. If you connect three numeric values into each of the Taper Widths and Taper Positions inputs, then you’ll be able to control the Start, Middle, and End tapers and where those occur along the line. Does this help?

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Yes this worked. Baked well into rhino. Thanks.

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