Trying to make a tapered offset on a curve

Hello, I am trying to create a tapered offset on some curves and was wondering if there is already a tool or if an algorithm could be made that could do this in Grasshopper. I would like to be able to control the offset space at the beginning and end. The end result could be lines or a surface. I tried looking through the commands on Rhino 7 but couldn’t seem to find one that would accomplish what I would like to do.

I’ve attached a simple picture. Image 1 is the basic idea, but I’d like to be able to do it to image 2. I could do it by hand, but there are a lot of curves.

the regular rhino pipe lets you add as many radii as you need.

I never even thought about using the “Pipe” command to cut the shape out of a surface. Thank you very much!

a little trick, i think the only way to add an offset with different distances (with the help of silhouette for instance). here i sometimes wonder, we have VariableOffsetSrf but not VariableOffsetCrv. so i often use that trick as a work around.

another option for anything advanced would be to loft your curvature in your flavour then flow along the curve.

I agree. A VariableOffsetCrv command would be really nice and would seem easier to program than the Pipe command(although I’m not a programmer so I could be totally wrong.

I’ll give the second idea a try as well to see which works better.

Thanks Again!

1A clever component exist in Peacock
here: Peacock | Food4Rhino


With Python

offset (8.2 KB)