How to loft these curves?

Hey guys

i have got these curves, but they are flatten data


is there any way to loft them like this?

Give us the curves.

sorry i didn’t internalised the date in the last post

here is my grasshopper document

road hierarchy .gh (23.1 KB)

Right. And the Rhino 6 Multiplication component is missing for me.

Make it simple and internalize just the flat list of lines you showed in your original question?

extremely sorry i have wasted you many times

this time suppose to work (15.6 KB)

Yeah… You could have posted only this with your original question. It’s all that’s needed, nothing less and nothing more. (10.3 KB)

will do next time!

sorry about that.

Here it is with duplicate surfaces…

can’t appreciate more, it is working perfect!

thank you very much!

It’s not done yet! Have to eliminate the duplicate surfaces (yellow group): (11.7 KB)

yeah, i know this step. but your way is more simple, thanks a lot!