Grasshopper Keyboard Input Spotty

When using grasshopper inside Revit I often lose the ability to make keyboard inputs, ie: copy, paste, delete, etc.

It seems to jump between Rhino, Revit and Grasshopper randomly. Even when I make sure that the grasshopper window is active, it still stops working. The only way to correct is to close all three programs and reopen. It only lasts a couple minutes before the problem arises again.

Any ideas what might be the cause of the issue or how to fix?

This should be fixed with the last merge I did in the branch autodesk/revit/wip .
Could you please test it and tell me if works in your computer?

I’ve tested this in several Revit versions and all I can tell you by now is that it behaves differently on each version.

Those are the keys that fail:

Revit Rhino Grasshopper
2017 Del :heavy_check_mark:
2018 (Untested) (Untested)
2019 Del Del, Copy, Paste, F5
2020 Del :heavy_check_mark:

I will continue looking into this.

Hi Kike

Is there any update on this? Currently using Rhino 7.21, Revit 2022.0.1 and running into this issue when using Rhino Inside Revit.

Is there a workaround we can use so we do not need to restart Revit/Rhino each time?