Grasshopper icon browser not accessible when exporting as user object!


There seems to be a bug in Rhino 6 (6.18.19239.01072, 2019-08-27) concerning the export of GHPython components as User Objects. Selecting a custom icon from the export window isn’t possible, since the file browser doesn’t open when you click the button.

Please fix this! Thanks.

Anybody? Did you see this, @dan?

Sorry, I’m not sure what I’m looking for. @piac Can you please help me parse this one?

With the GHPython component that I want to save as a user object selected on the canvas, I go to the Grasshopper File menu, select Save User Object and the User Object Properties window pops up. Setting a user object icon via the file browser, is not possible, since the button is dead:

This behaviour remains true, if I try to export a vanilla Grasshopper component or a cluster of multiple components.

I’m currently using Rhino 6 (6.18.19246.01092, 2019-09-03) for Mac.

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The ‘User Object Properties’ dialog is from standard Grasshopper, so @curtisw might know how to address this. I tweaked the title of this thread.

I also reported RH-54693.


Thanks. I just needed a bit more hand-holding to get there. Much appreciated.

@p1r4t3b0y Btw, this can be worked around in the case of the GhPython component, which by itself supports icon overriding. You can give the component a new icon, which will influence the User Object icon when the dialog is opened.

Do to that, simply drag and drop a (48px x 48px) png image file with transparency on top of the GhPython component center.

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Unfortunately, your proposed method doesn’t work either! When I drag the PNG onto the center of the GHPython component an image sampler is created, displaying the imported PNG. I tried a couple of times with different zoom factors and with the component selected and unselected, but without success!
Please fix the dialogue, guys!!

Ok, I also reported RH-54777. This way this improvement will not get lost.

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That’s probably because I made a mistake and mentioned 48x48. This used to work with all sizes, but I think that now this only accepts a precise size: you need a 24x24 png icon. @curtisw tested this on the Mac:



Thanks, @piac! Do you know how to prevent icons from becoming blurry when zooming into the component? Seems to be due to the small, acceptable resolution.

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This is what you get with all components. @DavidRutten investiagated vector images for GH2 I think. He might be able to tell more.

OK, thanks.

RH-54693 Grasshopper: User Object Properties dialog does not open icon browser

should be fixed in Rhino 6 for Mac 6.19.

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