Grasshopper Help!

I just recently upgraded from Rhino 7 to 8. I am now trying to start up grasshopper in Rhino 8 but it gives me this error message. When you press cancel or X out of the page, it pops right back up and does this a few times until finally it seems to load, only for it to pop up the second error message in the second image.

Does anyone know anything about the error or how I can fix it?

Hi Indro -


→ This message says that you are running Rhino 8.1 but need 8.3 to be able to use that feature. Rhino 8.3 is the current stable Release Candidate. Please update your update frequency in the Rhino options.

That seems to be V-Ray related. Make sure to check that you are running a version that is compatible with Rhino 8. You’ll have to check with Chaos Group or look in the V-Ray category on this forum.