Grasshopper - Excel update from 2016 to 365 prevents lunchbox/TT Toolbox functioning


I have used TT toolbox and Lunchbox to import data from excel spreadsheets successfully. My company automatically updated us from excel 2016 to 365 and now the sheets are no longer able to be opened or read by Lunchbox or TT toolbox. I tried winding back the installation as a temporary fix for a short period of time however we keep getting updated again.

Is there a setting in excel 365 or similar I should be aware of to fix this issue?

Many Thanks

I had the same issue when got a new job and a new PC with excel 365 installed. I was not able to find a solution online, but one experienced guy solved it by repairing Microsoft 365 in Windows. He said it is a typical issue for both TT Toolbox and Lunchbox write/read excel files components.

Try going to “settings/ add or remove programs” and find Microsoft 365 Apps there and click “Modify”. Quick Repair worked in my case.