Grasshopper empty component template for VS 2022

Hey Guys,
Are the empty Grasshopper templates for v6 that could be installed to work for VisualStudio are not updated to VS higher than 2019?! I have 2022 and it doesn’t recognize it. and on the download page it states it works for :2015,2017,2019. only!
Is there any update that am not aware of ?

the available template:

This one should work…

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Thanks @Ayoub it did indeed!

it doesn´t work for me, it states that:
the component was build against a major version of Grasshopper SDK:
Local SDK 6.35…
Referenced SDK 7.13…

is there anything I can do to upgrade the GH SDK?

thank you¡

Hi Antonio -

Which component is that?

That message is telling you that you are running 6.35 and need at least 7.13.

The component is a first trial to develope one by myself.
I managed to change manually the SDK reference and the start program so i got the v7 template working for GH v6.
hope it helps others