Grasshopper template in visual studio

I am following the online course c# for grasshopper part3 by Long Nguyen.
I am trying to access to the grasshopper template in visual studio unfortunately when I open a new project the template doesn’t pop up as in the videos.

Any tricks?

have you followed these steps already?

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Thanks Gijs for your help,
I guess I did it properly as rhinoCommon and grasshopper template seem well installed.

However when I create a new project VS does not offer me to play with templates
I only get this page(sorry it s in french…)

Any suggestions to access to the template?

which version of Visual Studio do you have installed?


Hi @Adrien_Del_Grande

In Visual Studio 2019, click Extensions > Manage Extensions and search online for “RhinoCommon”.

– Dale

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Many thanks
I was a version issue but it works now
Thanks again!