MS Visual Studio Grasshopper Templates

Between Google searches and McNeel’s site itself I can’t find the latest and greatest - I’m specifically looking to download Grasshopper Templates for programming scripts in C#. Perhaps I simply need to be directed to the best “quick start” guide currently available.

The first link refers to Rhino 6 but was updated all but a year ago:

This looks newer but is not explicitly stated as the latest and greatest:

I also wonder if “works with Visual Studio 2019” means it works ONLY with VS2019 or 2019 and above.



The terminology has changed a bit. This in VS2022:

Is the same as this per the most updated Grasshopper Documentation online:

I guess to simplify my question, and “Add-on” is VS2017 is the same as an “Assembly” in VS2022?

I am not very experienced with Visual Studio, but it won’t let me download the extension through the extension manager because it says it is missing a dependency. However, through some searching I found a stackOverflow thread with a comment about how this is an issue with how the extension is built and that there is nothing I can do about it. Is this correct? or is there a way to solve this?
for reference, my problem is the same as the stackOverflow thread: rhino3d - Visual Studio 2022 - missing references - template engine - Stack Overflow

Hi @Gijs_Jonkheer,

Have you reviewed this?

– Dale

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Thanks a lot! This solved my problem completely.
I now see that I had only looked at the page for installing tools for grasshopper, not for Rhino in general.