Can not get grasshopper in rhino trial version

I have downloaded rhinoceros6 for Mac and tried to open GRASSHOPPER in command menu but could not able to open GRASSHOPPER window pls guide as I have to try the software in pandemic period thanks
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Hi Kswapnil31,

To use grasshopper on Rhino for Mac you need to use Rhino for mac WIP downloadable from here. I’m not sure if it’s available with the trial version.

If you cannot download the WIP version of Rhino and you are desperate to use grasshopper on your mac, you will need to partition your system and install windows to use the Rhino trial for windows which does include grasshopper. There may be another way to do it that I’m not aware of (or buy rhino).


Hi - Grasshopper is part of Rhino 6 for Mac and also works in the trial version. You need to make sure to go through the entire license validation process, though. Plug-ins such as Grasshopper will not run when the license isn’t validated or the trial period has expired.