Rhino keeps crashing when I try to work with a particular Grasshopper file

I’m working on Rhino with a Grasshopper file. But the software keeps crashing when I try to work on one particular file. Even when I try to make changes on Grasshopper, it keeps buffering and ended up closing on its own. I can’t find a way to make a crash report. No pop-up came out too.

If it is a file you can publically share, do so here. I think many will be able to give their own educated guesses based on that.

If not then you can always upload to rhino3d.com/upload and copy the link to this discussion in the comments section of the upload form. The file will find its way to tech support who can help figuring out what the problem is, but the file stays private.

These are the file I’m working on. Both Rhino and Grasshopper file.

obstacle slime mould_autosave_autosave.gh (4.8 KB)
Obstacle slime mould.3dm (1.6 MB)

I noticed that the Grasshopper file starts to crash when I try to connect the Brep to the Brep Environment. Anyway to fix that?