Grasshopper Crash on startup - Rhino 5

A new blank file immediately crashes on typing in “grasshopper” command.
I’m using Rhino 5 for Mac on OSX Big Sur, enclosed is a crash report:
GrasshopperCrash.txt (128.9 KB)

Software information

  Software versions
    Rhinoceros version:  5.5.5  (5F96)
    Rhinoceros path:     /Applications/
    IronPython version:  not installed
    Language:  en-GB (MacOS default)
    macOS version:  Version 10.16 (Build 20C69)


  Third party kernel extensions

Hardware information

  Computer hardware
    Hardware model:  MacBookPro11,5
    Processor:  Intel Core i7-4870HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
    Memory:  16 GB
    Architecture:  Intel 64 bit

  Video hardware
    Graphics:  AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB
    Memory:  2 GB
    Screen size:  1440 x 900
    Displays:  Color LCD (221dpi 2x)

  USB devices
    Apple Inc.: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
    Broadcom Corp.: Bluetooth USB Host Controller

  Bluetooth devices

OpenGL information

  OpenGL software
    OpenGL version:  2.1 ATI-4.2.13
    Render version:  2.1
    Shading language:  1.20
    Maximum texture size:  16384 x 16384
    Z-buffer depth:  24 bits
    Maximum viewport size:  16384 x 16384

  Implementation settings
    Use texture compression:  No

  Appearance settings
    Antialiasing:  4x
    Mip map filtering:  None
    Anisotropic filtering:  None

Rhino 5 for Mac is not going to run well on macOS 11. It’s release came after Rhino 5 and changes were made that make it unsupported. See Rhino - Rhino 5 System Requirements

Revert to an older macOS, I know v5 worked on Catalina for instance even though Mojave or High Sierra are the recommended ones. Or update to Rhino 7, you can try the 90 day evaluation on your Mac from Rhino - Rhino - Downloads

Thanks was worried that might be the case.

I’m actually trying to get Archicad 24 - Rhino - Grasshopper - Ladybug working together under the live connection but unfortunately it looks like Rhino 7 isn’t supported yet ?

In which case it would be a question of exporting/importing archicad file into Rhino the old fashioned way…

You could use Rhino 6 in the meantime, if you own a Rhino 7 license, by requesting a v6 legacy license in the Archives section of the Download page. Rhino 6 will also run on macOS 11.

Thanks for this - good idea !