Grasshopper Crash in V6


I just downloaded the latest version of Rhino WIP,
and whenever I open up Grasshopper, the program crashes.
As it forced close, I selected debug, and the attached screenshot shows the error.

Please let me know what is happening.

Thank you very much,


Have you tried moving everything in your %appdata%\Grasshopper\Libraries directory to a temporary place and see if GH crashes on startup after that?

Hi wim,

Thanks for your response.
I tried that and adding back components from one plugin at a time, and realized it is the HAL robotics plugin that is causing the problem.



Elefront also causes this behavior. v. 1.1.0 and lite cause rhino to crash when grasshopper is launched. elefront 0.1.4 seems to be ok. (see food4rhino for versions referenced

same crash, I also have the hal robot plugin installed.