Grasshopper Crashing When Loading HAL External Libraries

Launching Grasshopper is crashing the Rhino 6 Developer Build.

  • OS Windows 7 64bit
  • Rhino 6 Developer Build 6.0.14316.5541, 12-11-14
  • Grasshopper Build 1.0.0004
  • Referenced SDK:
  • nvidia driver 340.66

Do you get any crash info at all or does the crash report application pop up?

No neither of those things but if you look at the command line area in this screenshot, Grasshopper is clearly unhappy about the many SDK mismatches in loaded component libraries. (I’m running the current Rhino 5 and Gh 0.9 releases concurrently on the same machine.) Is there a way to launch Grasshopper in a safe mode so it doesn’t load external libraries? Otherwise I may need to install the pre-release on a VM.

@DavidRutten and @brian any ideas on what we can do to capture more information about what is going wrong? This seems like the stuff that we need to figure out before properly releasing V6.

No idea. It roughly looks as though it’s crashing while it’s loading the HAL plugin. I’ll see if I can get it to crash and if not, I’ll talk to Thibault.

I can confirm that HAL is the problem. I installed Rhino 6 on my VM and was able to successfully launch Grasshopper with a number of common external libraries (GhPython [I think this is a core library now], Kangaroo, Lunchbox, etc.).

Then I installed HAL 0.05.1 and not Grasshopper crashes upon launch when it tries to load the first HAL remote assembly.

David if you can touch base with Thibault on this that would be awesome - otherwise I am also in touch with him and can follow up personally.

The good news is I have no foreseeable need in the near future for HAL within Rhino 6.

Same crash here. Hangs when HAL starts loading.

For now I just zipped the content of my special folders to be able to load GH 1.0 in Rhino 6. Is there another option to exclude components from loading?

And, any news regarding why HAL is crashing? Is it calling into the C++ SDK?


ping @thibaultschwartz.