Grasshopper Component saved settings


Grasshopper Component has been a great tool for many use cases. One problem we have is when users want to save specific settings for GH-script. They are all listed under the same Grasshopper Component dialog. That one long list is very hard to keep track of after a while. The way custom components are handled (every cc has its own settings listed) is more clear.

One workaround is to create cc that creates the Grasshopper Component. That limits Grasshopper Component’s access to rest of the model though.

Could it be possible to create “replica” Grasshopper Component to TS component catalog with different name that would save settings with different file type? (like custom components)

Do you have any other ideas how different saved settings for different GH-scripts could be kept track of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You should keep your eyes on the next release for the Tekla GH component, might be something that you like in that one :wink: