Grasshopper component availability in compute/resthopper

Is Resthopper/Grasshopper functionality on compute servers currently limited to a portion of available grasshopper components?

test_pipe.ghx (48.8 KB)

test_sphere.ghx (68.1 KB)

On my own instance, post requests to /grasshopper with this first file (set up to return a pipe) returns zero objects. Requests with the second (set up to return a sphere) return the expected single sphere with the same input.

This behavior is similar to a previous issue I was having where certain methods don’t currently work in headless mode and are returning null instead. I guess it’d make sense that Grasshopper would also be affected, but I wanted to reach out and confirm just in case.

It might be backwards, but is there a way to run a compute server not in headless mode to avoid this issue for now? When I toggle the current setting here nothing comes up and Rhino/Grasshopper don’t seem to load correctly. (I’ve tested this much less though)

Hi Chuck,
Sorry I missed this post and it was just brought to my attention. There were some GH components that were using the active doc to get different tolerance values and these were failing when no doc exists as is the case on compute. I fixed this a few weeks ago so you should be seeing things work now that weren’t working before.