Grasshopper - Column

The GH component “Column” takes 2 inputs: position and options.

Instead of a position, a plane would be better. Otherwise I need to calculate the angle of the building’s plane (not necessarily true north) and put it into a ‘ColumnOpt’.
Not difficult, but also not that comfortable…

Best regards

@eugen, if you use a Plane as input for the Position of a Column, it should work fine (as it does with a box, in GH).

That’s nice! The idea that other inputs work as well didn’t cross my mind…
Thanks a lot!

Hold on…
It was about the column’s orientation, not only it’s origin point.
I just saw in your image that the columns are not rotated with the planes. Would be nice if they were, if a plane is plugged in.
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The insert position of the columns are already oriented with the rotated planes.

I mean the columns themselves. They are not aligned/oriented with the planes.

@eugen excuse me, you are right. You need to assign the angle of rotation to the Column options to make it work. Just connect the Angle of the aligned planes with the Rotation input of Column Options:

Thanks, that’s what I did. What I wanted to suggest that this (not complicated) step could be skipped if the Column component would recognize if a plane is at it’s input and if so aligns the column accordingly.

All right. We will consider this suggestion for future versions.

Thanks! =)